Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Misfortunes appear today
Out of tomorrow.
But deep inside my heart
It's all sorrow.
The nagging pains of loneliness
Cut deep into my bone marrow.

Will there be tomorrow
To get me away from all sorrows.
When my heart retreat
At level zero.
I'm still unsure of tomorrow.
Whether to retreat
In order to get out of defeat.

For this I must know my feat
If not how am I going
To outwit any threats
Despite all fears of defeat.

Its no use to admit defeat
Until we lost all bids to live.

Though this is the end
But isn't the last ascend.
There's no last for all ends.
There's still a point of return
For a fresh turn in life.

~ Rb Salleh

Monday, February 2, 2009


When I deliver you
My sad piece.
Don't think I'm not at peace.
My heart my soul
Still in one solid piece.

Its neither bitter
Nor sweet.
But it's still easy
For you to please.
Just like sun rises
On the east.
All rules of Nature
At ease.

When the time's exact
The sun sets on the west.
When darkness arrives
Its time for rest.

Remove away your worries
Or duress.
Let us lay
On soft silky mattress.
With your breast
Over my chest
We're in serene redress.

Let me whisper
Over your ears
With selected loving phrases.
So electrifying are our phrases
We swoon in erotic embrace.

~ Rb Salleh


When you're away
You've your way.
Either you make your way,
To keep me at bay.

As long as I didn't know
What's your play.
When in such a way
Surely you've secret in your tray.

Whatever way I am wondering
Why you're away.
Your heart never sway
On my way.

I am not worth
That's what you say.
My countless calls
You put at bay.

They're worthless
Like a dirty clay in your tray.
As they disrupted
Your loving day.

When we're on the same way
We have our love play.
Our bodies, hearts and souls
In one way.
All in one rhythm
Without delay.

But now you choose
Your own way.
You let me go
My own way.

There's no points for me
To stay or pray.
Its high time for me
to go far far away.

The more I delay
The worst will be your play.
Let us not hope for parley.
Our love's already in dark alley.

~ Rb Salleh