Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why should I feel afraid of losing.
Either losing or winning,
Its not you or me to determine.

Though I propose,
Its God who disposes.
What I proposed
must be with purpose.
If not it would be opposed.

Resistance and opposition
will take it course.
Then there's no recourse.
Of course, there's source
for all resources.

But there's bound to be errors around.
High sense of judgement
will take it round.
Extracting a sparkling diamond
from grains of sand.

Not as easy as what I sense.
It needs courage and little a patience.
But must be done with full passions.

~Rb Salleh


Sometimes you're what you're.
I am what I am
Between I am and you're,
There's always space and time.

If the time determines the space,
I'll be out of pace.
If the space determines the time,
I'll be out of place.

When I set my pace,
time and should be in place.
Time will take place at quicker pace.

By then I need space
to set the pace.
Only then can I win the race.

~ Rb Salleh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Let me sow you a seed of imagination
In the soil of my mind.
With my heart
I cultivate the fruit of my soul.

What a lovely fruit
So fresh beyond imagination.
Crunchy and sweet to my soul.
Fit to be eaten
by soul angels from the sky.

~ Rb Salleh

Sunday, January 25, 2009


When you got into squabble,
Please don't fumble.
What more to grumble.
After all, life's no gamble.

It's a bitter-sweet struggle.
Just like getting lost in deep jungle.
Stood firm on your struggle.
Please, don't get entangled.

Look up for your life
With a new angle.
There's still hopes for your struggles.

~Rb Salleh

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Give me a bit of your time,
when I am at my prime;
though my wall-clock didn't chime.
But my time and your time
wouldn't sublime,
as we're on race against time.

Each time passed couldn't be adjusted,
it put us nearer to the last.
Even hiding in the glass,
our life can still be crushed.

Who else can we trust?
Even life itself is yet to be numbered.
Either we forget to remember,
or just let life gets off the hanger.
By then it was too late to remember,
as our memories being dismembered.
Just like fire burning our flesh
to the last cinders.

~ Rb Salleh

Friday, January 23, 2009


Change is to see what's tomorrow,
what's now could be yesterday.
Whether it's today or yesterday,
there's already a long delay.

Should we wait for the night,
when it's already daytime?
How could I spare the day
when it's still night-time.

When the night of yesterday
become the night of tomorrow;
could there be a night without tomorrow?
Or today without yesterday?

When all the spans of days in disarray,
could there be better days for change?
Yes it could be,
when there's new way for change.

Please remember, today is not the big
that will eat the small.
It can be the small eating the big.

Whether it's big or small doesn't matter.
What matters most is today
that will change for tomorrow.
When that happened
the fast will eat the slow.
And tomorrow will eat today and yesterday.

~Rb Salleh


Suddenly, you beg to be left alone,
pleading for a peaceful mind.
Also a stable heart during this pressing moment.

How am I going to face life without you?
Please, my love, allow me
to wish you good night and good morning.
Is that too much to ask for your mourning?

I beg for your understanding
that my heart still grows fonder.
Your decision of closing off your heart
makes me wonder.

Wherever and whenever my heart
my soul were torn asunder.

~ Rb Salleh

Thursday, January 22, 2009


You're ever so sweet to me
which couldn't be bought with money
coz your love to me aplenty
without trace of apathy or sympathy
except feeling of love in symphony.

So far as I can feel and see
your inner self is a calm sea
without waves but serenity
which I could lay upon with piety
while our eyes meet with lustful sincerity
feeling the sweetness of our infinite unity
which wouldn't fade till eternity.

You're so sweet to me
which others think zany
but to me and you gaiety
which evokes our desire to ecstasy.

~Rb Salleh


What's life without a spouse,
like barren island in hostile ocean
where not even a single bird
of prey espouses,
But just a mere sensation
devoid of emotion.

Without a spouse,
life is just a mere vacuum,
not even a faint pause
of a swinging pendulum.

For a lonely heart,
life is full of emptiness,
for no loving heart
to share or appease loneliness
not even when the time's hard.

~ Rb Salleh


Why should I wait
when it inflicts so much pain
to my heart and my soul.

Why should I suffered
all the pains when
I knew it's in vain.

For that, my love and trust
seemed to wane
just like rays of sunlight in the rain.

~Rb Salleh

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Where have all the flowers gone?
Fresh air is now devoid of sweet floral fragrance.
Birds and butterflies are all in trance.
Wild animals ran away in far distance.
All splendors and adoring beauty of nature
gone without sense.

~ Rb Salleh


Please pray, my dear.
I know its cold and lonely tonight.
But you still could drown
your lonely feeling.
Let the heavy sound of the rain falling
did wonders to your feeling.

You don't have to cry.
Let the heavy rain out there
do the crying for you.

~ Rb Salleh


Expressing my feeling or your feeling
made no different.
Its still about feeling,
unity and diversity
against all odds and adversities.

How should we stop expressing
our own feeling?
Feeling is just like rolling waves
advancing fast towards the shores.

Whatever come will be submerged
and swept away into foams and debris.
What left on the shores,
not all will be swept away.
A few will remain
got stuck between rocks and sandy domains.

~ Rb Salleh


When you think you're absolutely right,
it doesn't mean you're bright right.
Maybe its just like a dim light
against bright sunlight.
Rays of light couldn't glitter
against broad daylight.

What a fright when my plight
deserved me no right.
Not even to your delight
as I am out of your sight.

Should I find a good cause
to serve you right?
But just unfortunate
you picked me up for a fight.
Is this deserved both us right?

~ Rb Salleh


My heart was striped naked.
Like old wounds that never heal.
How could I conceal,
old memories coming afresh.

I've no more heart to redress,
what more to express.
If I express I don't have someone
who could lend me the ears.
What more shoulders for me to lay on.

At this torturing moment,
many times, I tried to bleed myself into tears.
But its no more flowing.
My heart haven't been cured
from the old wounds.

My expression of feeling
is like a moonless night - full of mysteries.
Should I curse myself for all the miseries?
Or maybe fate not to my favour?

What I proposed God disposed.
Do I've to despair
with my heart naked and wounded beyond repair?
Why should I - there's still flickering light
at the end of the tunnel.

The sun haven't rise in the evening
or set in the morning.
I should set and rise against all odds
and misfortunes.
Let me become the toughest who got going
and going.

~ Rb Salleh


Almost all evenings of everyday,
you come at his eternal resting place.
In between sobs and tears
you're at your knees - reciting prayers.

You beg the Almighty for forgiveness,
for whatever sins he did commit.
And his sudden demise so painful
without compromise,
for sure who couldn't bear?

Every passing days
always remain a bitter sweet memories of yesterday.
How should you withstand the various
blends of loneliness?

Even the cheerfulness of nature
couldn't replace what had been long in place?
What more when long time happiness
turned into desolate loneliness.

~ Rb Salleh


Please, my love, don't be afraid of thunder.
Nor do you scared of darkness.

Though you hope for a bright sunshine,
but it rained heavily without sign.
Whatever and whenever,
please don't resign - just because of others design.

Stood up and struggled your way.
Have your trust not in other ways,
but in your own way.

Whatever are the ways,
stood firm and don't sway.
Just be happy that
everyday in every ways,
you always have your own way.

- Rb Salleh

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The road to my home is near, but yet quite far.
I can walk my way - but pebbles and gravels
slowing my pace.

I can't walk at pace,
As I always stumble out of place.
How should I keep abreast ;
When I lost my grace?

The trodden trails of my footsteps disappeared without trace.
How shall I find my ways,
when my sense of direction out of place?

My heart and mind in disarray,
while my soul being put at bay.
How am I going to say.
When my way back home is far away?

Can I say it's near,
when in reality it's out of my way.
When that's the way,
then the road home is indeed far far away.

- Rb Salleh


Someday and somewhere,
The day of nowhere;
We're unsure of the day and where,
As the day can be somewhere - unaware.
Can it be anywhere?

- Rb Salleh


Please sleep your way into the dreams of yesterday.
Whatever left from the past, just remained a mere sweet memories.
It's not easy that easy to forget that two decades of being together.
Everyday was sunshine for us even during sunset.

The gentle breeze from the ocean only sent little ripples of waves over the shores.
Neither did I see the wind that turned into thunderstorms;
What more the lightening that sparkled the darkness of the night.

Whatever happened to my life after your departure,
I wouldn't regret at my own destiny.
How do it began and the way it would end - beyond our immagination.

-Rb Salleh