Saturday, May 22, 2010


Where can I find love,
When it's lost ~ so sudden?
Beg me pardon
When my love's shortened,
Cause you're disheartened
By my disappearance
Without your tolerance.

Now I'm back ~ seeking for forgiveness
Out of darkness,
Looking for brightness,
Hope you're honest
To revive our love the soonest,
Use your forsightness,
To honour me your forgiveness.

~ Rb Salleh May 23, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


A true friend is like
a twinkling star,
Always shining over the sky afar.

Though it's far away,
It's always on my way,
It never disappear in dismay,
But keeps on shining without delay.

How am I going to repay,
For all the shines display,
Turning dark night into a day.
I'm lost for a word to say,
Subdued in a low mood sway.

But a friend who stood
all the ways,
Seeking nothing for a pay,
Doing good deeds as his way.

~ Rb Salleh
Petaling Jaya
October 18, 2009

Saturday, April 24, 2010


How I wish to be born again,
Times lapsed needs regain,
But how should I begin,
When what I've lost out of range,
Surely its hard to re-arrange,
If not careful I'd be deranged.

When I was born again,
I've to start from where I begin,
I must crawl but must not lean,
The path I go through must be clean,
Whatever left must not leave any prints,
Otherwise what I hope is only a dream.

When I was born again,
What's in my dream's sovereign,
This is my land and it's not foreign's,
So let me reign at all ranks,
Keeping my subjects at close range.

~ Rb Salleh
Petaling Jaya.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Your Passionate Care

My heart collapsed beyond repair,
Decades of stress put me in despair,
My life in pendulum a few don't share,
Only good friensd and family care.

It took few moons to be well and fair,
With continous treatment and utmost care,
I owed my life to them to be fair,
Doctors and nurses at IJN's care.

I couldn't repay your passionate care,
Even my life's own fortunes couldn't even pay,
May Allah's blessing put all your lives in spare,
With prosperity and endless wellfare.

Remembering your loving and passionate care,
Let me shed tears for us to share,
You serve with honour without funfare,
I'm lost for words nothing else to compare,
For IJN service of world's stature.

By : Rb Salleh
Ward Tanjung IJN
October 13,2009