Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ever since we're in love
Every moments of the day
Are well cherished.

Every sweet words
That I whispered over your ears
Will never perish.

So gentle are my words
Very hard for you to resist.
The words rooted deep
In our heart till we depart.

Whatever way's your love's chart
It's always under my charge.
So deep is our love
Neither you or me
Can ask for discharge.
Our feeling of love
Is always at large.

~ Rb Salleh


When I don't mind to be kind
Don't put your mind
Under your own design.
It's hard for me to align.

What's in your mind
Couldn't be the same
As mine.
We've to determine
What's yours what's mine.
If not how am I going to reign?

When all the goings
Turned foreign.
Life would become strange.
Whatever we do
Out of range.
As if not properly arranged.

When its strange
And turned foreign.
Don't we ever ask
For our own sovereign.

~ Rb Salleh


I love gazing
At the twinkling stars
Tonight and last night.
And up there
What a lovely sight
~ the moon shining bright.

The wind blowing right
Chasing away the dark cloud
Out of sight.

But out of my delight
The rain start falling.
My tears flowing
~ draining away all pains
And sorrows from my bleeding heart.

How shall we depart
When our love thrived hard
At all paths?

It's such a lovely feeling
Which we've nurtured
Over a period of time
Against all odds
Good and difficult times?

And out of our own logic
Never stop searching
For reasons.
The farther we go
The weather's not better
At all seasons.

There's no end
What more a solution.
All these are God's send
As eternal love in evolution.

~ Rb Salleh


Why should you say
Our love's going too far?
Yet our journey of love's at par.

Our pledge is to reap
And reach the stars.
Yet you want me to go
Back to where I begin.

Back to normal life
Before we meet.
That I'll never permit.
It's our love journey
To the summit.

Fear or defeat
We shouldn't admit.
For whatever cause
We've to commit.

It's hard to limit
When our love's on the lead.
Yet you refused to plead
At our pledge.

Though our love's at edge
No efforts made to salvage.
What more can I envisage
As our love's come of age.

~Rb Salleh


In the survival of the fittest
Either you survive or perish.
Its a mere law of the devilish.
Where life and death
Can't be leased.

As if there's no limit to the list
Anytime or anywhere
It can be released.

At least, when there's death
At the corner,
Life assunder.

Do you surrender?
Even your bare chest
Strike by thunder?

Please don't flounder
What's more to shudder.
Let ponder
And break all encounters
Over our bare shoulders.

`~Rb Salleh